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Thank you for your help


Celebrating holidays or significant events away from home can be difficult for teens/young adults who are experiencing homelessness, but a box full of surprises may help put a smile on their faces. This is great for small groups and individual participants.

Want to participate? Click here to fill out a form and we will assign you a child's wish list. We do not expect you to get everything on their wish list, but please use it as a guide for what he may like. You will receive additional information on filling your box via email.


Being exposed to different settings, people, and activities is a great way to help someone expand their mind and gain knowledge. Someone experiencing homelessness does not have that luxury. Purchasing tickets to an activity or show gives our teens/young adults the opportunity to experience new things. 

Examples: horse back riding, aquarium/zoo tickets, play/musical show, virtual reality gaming, etc.


With your donations we can continue and expand our efforts to support the needs of Black men. So far we have gifted a teen in foster care with $500 to purchase a car part to help it operate. The more we raise the more we can help. 

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