Our Peek-A-Boo Box is a great way to discover our scents and potentially make a new one for a special occasion. Choose your preferred scent categories (these can be the same or different) and we'll send you 6 scents  based on your choices. Use the comment section to tell us what type of scents not to send your way.

Peek-A-Boo Box

  • People typically purchase our 4oz candles in bulk for party favors (weddings & showers). Once you've received your Peek-A-Boo Box and you decide what scent you want send us an email so we can get started on your bulk order. Contact Us

    *When you place a bulk order with us we will deduct the cost of the Peek-A-Boo Box (minus shipping) from your total.

  • We can customize the Peek-A-Boo Box by change the wax color, customizing the message on the label, and adding a card. Please email us prior to purchasing, to add the additional yet affordable costs to your total.  Contact us

    Use the contact link about to discuss customizing your bulk order as well.